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Established in August 2002, Guangzhou Trauer Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise of research, development, production and sales, which masters the key technologies of biomedical active collagen materials, specializing in bio-active collagen materials, medical devices and bio-skincare products. As the pioneer of collagen dressing in China, Trauer has the first sterile Type Ⅲ collagen dressing in China. With 20 years of development, Trauer has become a leading enterprise in the field of biomedical active collagen material segmentation in China, and is committed to becoming a leading enterprise of medical collagen across the globe . With advanced collagen technology in China, the collagen raw materials produced by Trauer is characterized by strong activity, high purity, good bio-compatibility and stable quality. A number of technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, and a technical breakthrough of the combination of active collagen and sodium hyaluronate has been achieved, which is the pioneer in the industry. At present, a variety of products have been developed with successful industrialization, among which, Trauer and Trauemy are two major brands, covering abundant product line . Dedicated to the development path of independent innovation, Trauer has undertaken China Torch Program, National 863 Project, and a number of provincial Project, and is rated as a high-tech enterprise, along with many honors including outstanding Own Branding Manufacturer of Guangdong province, leading private enterprises in Guangzhou, state/provincial "little giant" enterprise with professionalism, refinement, uniqueness, novelization , national key little giant enterprise, among others.
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